Dr. Newborn's most recent research provides convincing answers to the two most enduring questions about the White Rose:  Why exactly did Hans and Sophie Scholl make the unique and remarkable transformation from being avid Hitler Youth Leaders to passionate anti-Nazis?  And why did they choose to dub their resistance group with that mysterious and intriguing name, "The White Rose?"

Since 2006, Dr. Newborn has incorporated the dramatic answers to these questions in his multimedia lectures and at book signings.  He also describes them fully in his ever-updated, booklet-formatted article, “Solving Mysteries: The Secret of the White Rose,” © 2006-2023 Jud Newborn  Originally intended as an Afterword or additional chapters to Sophie Scholl and the White Rose, it was unable to be included, and remains Jud Newborn's sole property.

A shorter, adapted version was published in Smithsonian Magazine in 2023, and forms the basis of Jud Newborn’s first American feature film on the White Rose currently in development.

IMPORTANT: These revelations presuppose knowledge of the full story of the White Rose.  Without being contextualized, readers will not find them fully satisfying or comprehensible.  The style is also somewhat different than that of the book itself.  Dr. Newborn therefore asks visitors to this site to show restraint and read the essay only after first reading the book, as originally intended.